SEBO 9807AM Review


If you frequently need vacuuming and cleaning around your home, you would definitely want a device which is lightweight yet offers most advanced features. Very few vacuums in the market are able to fulfill this criteria and SEBO 9807AM Felix 1 Premium Onyx Upright Vacuum can certainly be included in this limited class of high quality vacuum cleaners.

Design and Features:

– SEBO 9807AM has been designed to work equally efficiently on carpets, rugs as well as bare floors. You have the 180 degrees maneuvering and steering facility which allows you to clean around without straining your body at all.

– The suction hose of SEBO 9807AM provides instant action and is always ready for use. Various attachments are available to increase the versatility and reach of the hose. These attachments include a 20 inch long wand which can be used to easily clean the areas which are otherwise difficult to accomplish, and an extension hose which is 9 feet long, facilitating cleaning on stairs.

– An orange warning light is present on the power head which is used to signify whenever the brush roller is jammed or stops spinning. The light also illuminates when the roller wears out and needs replacement. Finally, the light also goes off if the height setting of the vacuum is not reasonable compared to the height and type of the floor.

– No tools are required to replace the brush roll when its bristles wear out and it needs to be replaced. Likewise, removing dust and debris from the brush roller is also very simple and smooth.

– The suction hose of SEBO 9807AM has a variable capacitance. This implies that the force of suction hose can be adjusted according to the demands. Of course, the power to vacuum a bare floor is not the same required to vacuum a curtain. So to set the force of suction, you can simply change the suction level.

– Suction unit of SEBO 9807AM can be detached from the machine, thus converting it into a portable vacuum. This makes it perfect for cleaning stairs and even automobile interiors.

Technical Accomplishments:

SEBO 9807AM is equipped with highly advanced and powerful motors and filters, making it one of the most high-tech vacuum cleaners available in the market. For instance, there are “pre-motor filters” which make sure that suction air is cleaned thoroughly before it is allowed to pass through the filter bag. This results in increased motor life and durability of the vacuum.

Another technical accomplishment of SEBO 9807AM is its exhaust micro-filters, which are made of electrostatic microfiber material. This serves to keep the motor cool under high suction pressure. It also makes sure that 99.9% of unwanted dust particles are removed and efficiently trapped by the filters. The filters also make sure that other than trapping the dust from the floor, the surrounding air is also purified, a reason why Sebo filters are included among the filters recommended by The British Allergy Foundation. By the high standards of today’s vacuuming industry, SEBO 9807AM has everything that can make a person spend money on it.

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