Sebo 9570AM Review

Sebo 9570AM
Sebo 9570AM

Sebo has distinguished itself in producing finest quality of automatic upright vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners offer a variety of useful features and are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology you would find in the market. Among such remarkable products, Sebo 9570AM is one of the latest introductions and has been proven to be highly satisfactory for the people.

Specs and Features:

Like most other high-tech vacuum cleaners from Sebo, Sebo 9570AM is also equipped with a wand that can be activated instantly and a hose that is flexible enough to reach under the furniture and other hard to reach areas. The highly advanced filtration system belongs to S-Class which serves as a reliable shield against dust allergies. The vacuum cleaner is also fitted with sensors that detect possible technical flaws such as clogging and immediately warn the users by blinking the lights. This is a lightweight vacuum, having a nominal weight of 16 lbs.

The technical specifications of Sebo 9570AM are quite in line with some of the finest quality high-end vacuum cleaners from Sebo. The S-Class filters of the vacuum cleaners are based on the latest technology in vacuum cleaning and are released in the market after multiple testing by experts. These filters not only provide reliable performance but also serve for a long time and hence there is rarely any need to keep extra filters.


The performance of Sebo 9570AM is on par with some of the finest vacuum cleaners currently in the market. The special ergonomic hand grip on this machine would save you from a lot of physical fatigue and provide comfortable cleaning and better performance. The machine has a three layer filter which makes sure that powerful and continuous suction is afforded. Besides, the filter is airtight to avoid any dust particles from escaping into air. The automatic system of the machine shuts off in case any clogging occurs in the airflow path and can result in damage.


There is a long 40 feet cord that comes with Sebo 9570AM. This long cord saves you from the trouble to plugging and un-plugging the switch at regular intervals and lets you continue the vacuuming operation without any kind of unpleasant interruption. The hose attached with Sebo 9570AM is 8 feet long which can be attached with the machine for vacuuming in narrow and hard-to-reach places. You can remove the brush easily since it does not require any kind of additional tools. It is also very easy to clean and replace the brush.


Sebo 9570AM, like other high quality vacuum cleaners from the same class, is perfectly suitable for people who are ready to spend a few extra bucks for quality. The machine offers almost all the features that are required for a guaranteed reliable vacuuming and long lasting performance. Then of course, you also have the five year manufacturer warranty which is an added advantage. Whether you are a clean freak or not, vacuum cleaners from this class have proven results for you.

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