SEBO 9803AM Review

Rarely would you find a vacuum cleaner that combines versatility, style and durability. SEBO 9803AM Felix 1 Premium Fun Upright Vacuum happens to be one such machine which not only provides smooth and reliable performance, but is also long lasting and versatile. Just like other high-tech vacuum cleaners from Sebo, it has all the features that you can ask for, with the added feature of unique style.

sebo 9803am
sebo 9803am

Distinguishing Aspects of SEBO 9803AM:

– An always-ready suction hose that is always instantly available for use. Like other high-end Sebo products, it accompanies a 10 inch wand and 9-foot extension hose to increase the ease of use and versatile performance.

– Manual height adjustment is available according to the floor type and height. Height can be adjusted according to four height levels for effective cleaning operation.

– Sensors are available to indicate any possible problem in operation or any technical flaw that needs to be overcome. These problems and flaws include wrong height adjustment, clogging, filling of the bag and wearing the brush bristles.

– Suction power can be adjusted according to the requirements. This facility of gradually increasing or decreasing the power saves the motor energy and ensures long life of the product.

– Multi-layered bags are fitted in SEBO 9803AM which make sure that dust is efficiently trapped and suction powered is retained. Suction power is retained by ensuring that dust settles at the bottom of the bags and the air flow path remains clean.

Versatility of Use:

– Reliable maneuverability is made sure due to the 180 degrees swivel capability of the vacuum, making it extremely effective for cleaning around hard obstacles, under furniture and on the stairs.

– Suction hose can be detached which not only reduces the weight of the vacuum cleaner but also provides it a more compact form, thus making it extremely useful in narrow spaces such as inside of a car and behind the curtains.

– Cord that comes with the machine can be easily unwound by a simple rotation of the hook. Besides, it is very easy to remove and change the filter bags on SEBO 9803AM. Changing bags on this vacuum is a matter of a few seconds during which dust remains efficiently trapped.

Sealed Filtration:

Filters of SEBO 9803AM are tightly sealed to make sure that fine dust particles do not escape into the room via seals or any other way. This ensures that the surrounding air remains clean of any dust particles and thus eliminates any possibility of dust allergy. Filters are tested multiple times before being sent into operation.


If you are a style conscious person but don’t want to comprise on the quality, SEBO 9803AM can be a perfect product for you. Equipped with all the high-tech features found on other high-end Sebo products, SEBO 9803AM also comes with a five year manufacturer warranty. Sebo vacuum cleaners are designed and manufactured to last for 10 to 15 years and besides, the technology used in the production of power-brush of the machine also helps in increasing the carpet life. Bottom line is that SEBO 9803AM can safely be included among the top five vacuum cleaners in the market at present.

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