Shark Navigator Lift Away NV501 Review

Shark Navigator NV501
Shark Navigator NV501

Shark Navigator Lift Away is a multi-feature and powerful vacuum cleaner offering convenient and portable cleaning. Equipped with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, the vacuum is designed to make sure that unwanted dust and debris is removed to the finest details. Having a net weight of 24.8 pounds, this lightweight machine comes with highly durable and easily assembled parts. Superior performance and affordable price, coupled with its 5 year manufacturer warranty, has made Shark Navigator NV501 among the favorite vacuum cleaners of the users.


Shark Navigator Lift Away NV501 has a capability of trapping 99.99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, thanks to its cutting-edge Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. The captured dirt can be retained in the extra large capacity dust-cup which allows cleaning operation over extended period of time without any need of emptying the cup. The detachable and portable canister makes the cleaning operation more comfortable. Shark NV501 has the ability of working equally efficiently on both carpets and bare floors.

Design and Accessories:

Shark Navigator Lift Away NV501 comes with an ultra-maneuverable swivel steering making cleaning easier around the obstacles. The machine is equipped with powerful motorized brushroll which can be turned on or off according to the requirement. Versatile cleaning is afforded by other powerful tools such as premium pet power brush and extendable flexible crevice tool. The lift-away pod of Shark NV501 facilitates portable cleaning.

Versatility of Use:

Shark Navigator Lift Away NV501 has been designed to provide efficient cleaning operation around furniture and obstacles. For this purpose, ultra-maneuverable swivel steering has been designed which allows the required flexibility. The 30 foot long power cord makes sure that smooth and quick cleaning process is retained without any need of switching the machine on and off between different rooms. The super quiet technology suppresses any unwanted noise that is usually found on many other vacuum cleaners.


The tools accompanying the machine are easy to handle and quick to clean and thus do not need to be replaced for a long time. The access latch on the pet tool allows you to clean the brush and free it of any dirt or hair. The detachable and portable canister can be cleaned separately and effortlessly.


– Lightweight and less bulky than most other vacuum cleaners.

– Swivel steering for efficient use around hurdles and furniture.

– Super quiet technology significantly reducing noise.

– 5 year manufacturer warranty.

– Motorized brushroll that can be turned on or off as per the requirement.


– Some users have complained about the LEDs on the front of the vacuum which could be brighter for better operation under dim light.

– The light weight of the vacuum can sometimes make it topple over by pulling the flexible hose but this problem is removed after you get used to the machine.

– The rubberized crevice tool seems to be a bit too flexible and keeps bending in random directions during the cleaning process.


Shark Navigator Lift Away NV501 is one of those vacuum cleaners which provide easy functionality and long lasting durability. The tools accompanying it are easy to assemble and cleaning process is smooth and noiseless. If you are looking for a compact vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price which can work effectively on multiple surfaces, Shark NV501 can serve the purpose very well.

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