Shark Navigator NV80 Review

Shark Navigator NV80
Shark Navigator NV80

Shark vacuum cleaners are among the most popular and highly demanded vacuum cleaners in the market. Over the years, the market of these vacuum cleaners has been consolidated with a wide and satisfied user base. Shark Navigator NV80 is among the most reasonably priced premium products from the manufacturer, showcasing a wide range of useful features and also bearing a five year manufacturer warranty.

Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology:

Like most other advanced vacuum cleaners from shark, Shark NV80 is also equipped with the cutting edge Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology. Vacuum cleaners with this technology made sure that no part of the trapped dust is released in the air, thus guaranteeing that dust allergies are kept at a bay. With this technology in operation, 99.99% of all allergens and dust particles are efficiently trapped by the sealed containment system of the vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Filtration and No Suction Loss:

The HEPA filtration means that along with the vacuuming, the machine also makes sure that the surrounding air remains clean. The sealed HEPA filter of Shark Navigator NV80 very effectively fulfills this purpose. Because of “No Suction Loss” technology, the vacuum pivots and moves smoothly without its head leaving the surface of the floor. The machine also turns and swivels easily to make sure that vacuuming is done under tables and around the furniture with ease.

Tools and Accessories:

Shark Navigator NV80 includes various useful tools and accessories which can be used in specific kind of cleaning. For instance, the efficient pet attachment tool makes sure that fur and hair of pets are efficiently sucked from carpets, rugs, cushions and any bare floor surface. Other than that, the crevice tool has been designed to make sure that smooth vacuuming is performed is corners and crevices. There are also rubber-wheels for the machine to roll is around on the floor effortlessly. Finally, the long extension cord can be used to do the vacuuming in all rooms without unplugging the switch.


– Powerful suction and cleaning of the surrounding air.

– Separate “on” options for “brush” and “suction only” modes.

– Suction is adjustable which means you can choose to increase or decrease the intensity of suction.

– Swivel head to facilitate vacuuming under and around the furniture.


– Some people have had problems with the bare floor setting of the device. It, however, works perfectly well on bare floors when the setting is changed to the “brusher on” mode.

– When several tools are attached with the device, the top can become heavy and might even tip over sometimes.


Shark Navigator NV80 offers whatever tools and features are necessary for efficient and reliable vacuum cleaning. Besides, its compact and lightweight design is an additional advantage because it’s always easy to move around with a vacuum cleaner that has lighter body. With a net weight of just 18.6 pounds, Shark NV80 is among the most lightweight vacuum cleaners in the market. Superior cleaning and powerful suction, coupled with the fact that it comes with a five year manufacturer warranty, certainly make this machine worth your money.




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