Shark Navigator SV1100 Review

Shark Navigator SV1100
Shark Navigator SV1100

Shark Navigator Freestyle Premium Cordless Vac, generally known as Shark Navigator SV1100, is one of the most remarkable products in the long line of cost-effective and high performance vacuum cleaners from Shark. Superior built, powerful suction and upright performance are the fundamental features of this moderately priced machine. With physical dimensions of 24 x 10.2 x 9.5 inches and net weight of just 11 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight vacuum cleaners in the market.

Blend of Performance and Convenience:

Shark Navigator SV1100 provides a perfect balance and blend of performance and convenience. Superior cleaning of bare and carpeted floors is afforded with Shark® NavigatorTM Freestyle technology. It has an extended run time which means that vacuuming operation can be performed over long stretches of time without any interruption. Ultra-maneuverability and lightweight structure of Shark SV1100 make sure that the cleaning operation is completely free of any weariness for the users. The dust-cup is easy to empty and can be rinsed and cleaned for long-lasting use. These qualities of Shark SV1100 have made it strike a balance between powerful performance and convenience.

Efficiency of Use:

Shark SV1100 is equipped with a powerful motorized brush that sucks and traps the embedded dirt particles and pet hair meticulously. Swivel steering of the machine provides for deep recline angle and low profile approach to reach under the furniture without removing it. Two separate speed options are available to the users for vacuuming over bare carpeted floors.

Precision Charger:

One of the most important accessories on Shark Navigator SV1100 is the precision charger that has been designed to make the machine power-efficient. With this precision charger, the machine charges within 3 hours and can last for long stretch of multiple uses. The charging base of the machine provides for convenient storage and the vacuum remains charged for next cleaning.

Cordless Vacuuming:

Shark Navigator SV1100 is a cordless vacuum which is a blessing for users who are annoyed with constantly plugging and dealing with the cords. With a cordless machine, you can simply lift it to any room and start the operation without plugging the chord. Long lasting battery makes sure that you enjoy this cordless nature of the machine to its fullest.


– Swivel steering for easy maneuver.

– Two speeds settings optimized for carpet & bare floor.

– Extra-large, easy-to-empty dust cup.

– Efficient charging and extended run time.

– Cordless and hassle-free operation.

– Switching from one floor type to other is smooth.


– The placement of the power button is a bit awkward which can result in you mistakenly turning it off. But this inconvenience is eliminated after you use the machine for a few times.

– There is no separate attachment to be used in nooks and crannies.


Shark Navigator SV1100 can boast of several unique features such as cordless operation and long-lasting battery life. Besides, it is also very lightweight which means that you can simply pick it up and take it anywhere. Cordless nature of the machine certainly makes it highly attractive for people who are weary of dealing with cords. While there might be some minor limitations such as the absence of attachments for nooks and corners, this slight problem does not seem bothersome when we consider the advantages of Shark Navigator SV1100.


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