Shark NV450 Review

Shark NV450
Shark NV450

Among the latest technology vacuum cleaners from Shark, Shark NV450 has a special place. This is one machine that combines high quality and good design and lasts for a long time. Available at a very reasonable price, Shark NV450 incorporates all the features that a good vacuum cleaner should have.

Easy Swiveling

One of the most important issues with vacuum cleaners is that of swiveling. A good vacuum cleaner is always easy to swivel because easy maneuverability is one of the most important things needed in a vacuum cleaner. Shark NV450 provides enhanced steering and swiveling so that you don’t have any problems performing the vacuuming in narrow spaces and hard to reach places. Easy swiveling also means that you can operate and handle the machine without constraining your body muscles.

Cleaning in Narrow Spaces:

There is an extra long stretch hose on Shark NV450 which allows you to reach over the stairs, around and under the furniture. The facility of reaching is also enhanced with the 30 feet long cord accompanying the machine. With this cord, you can just plug the switch on one place and roam around with the vacuum cleaner without any annoying interruption.

HEPA Anti-Allergen Filters

The special HEPA anti-allergen filters of Shark NV450 make sure that not only all the dirt and dust is removed but also remains well trapped in the filter. The sealed filter does not allow any dust particles to escape once they are trapped and hence eliminates any possibilities of catching allergy from dust.

Efficient Brush Control:

Shark NV450 provides high brush-roll control. With this feature in action, transition from one kind of floor to the other is very smooth. For instance, seamless vacuuming is made sure between the carpets and floors. The brush head switch is located right on the top of the machine so you don’t have to bow every time you need to use the switch. The brush roll also has headlights at the front to facilitate cleaning under low light situations.

No Loss of Suction:

Shark NV450 is equipped with the cutting-edge No-Suction-Loss tech, which makes sure that while moving from one kind of surface to the other, there is no loss in suction. Thus powerful and continued suction is made possible which gives reliable cleaning. Power suction of Shark NV450 makes sure that all sorts of pet hair and particles are completely sucked and removed from the carpet. Unlike many other vacuum cleaners, Shark NV450 has also proved to be highly successful with new carpets which are relatively denser than the older ones. The dust cup is also easy to remove and can be cleaned and washed under running tap water.


Shark NV450 is certainly among the most highly recommended vacuum cleaners from Shark. Users have rarely complained about any of the features of Shark NV450. It’s simple to assemble and provides smooth usage. Safe and reliable performance is the trademark of this machine so it certainly is a great choice for your money. One year manufacturer warranty is also included with the product.

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