Shark NV100 Review

Shark NV100
Shark NV100

Shark is a well known name in the industry of vacuum cleaners and one of those companies which have manufactured vacuum cleaners in different shapes, designs and with different specs. Among the low-end and low-prices vacuum cleaners from Shark, Shark NV100 is a noteworthy product with its unique design and useful features.

Noteworthy Features:

– The brush roll of Shark NV100 is motorized which eliminates the manual work to a large extent. Just fit the roll with the machine and set the required speed according to the particular surface. The brush would do the cleaning. This kind of motorized performance is particularly useful for new and sensitive carpets.

– To clean the bare floors where brush rolls are not required, you can simply shut off the brush roll function. With this, the machine would do the cleaning without the brush roll because it is always more efficient to clean the bare floors without the brush roll.

– Being a bag-less vacuum cleaner, the maintenance cost of Shark NV100 is next to nothing. The filters fitted in the machine are very easy to clean and can be washed under running tap water. These filters last for a long time and you don’t need to spend any extra buck on purchasing extra filters.

– The lightweight structure of Shark NV100 is particularly important when it comes to mobility and maneuverability. It easily swivels around hard objects and it is very easy to clean under the furniture and over the stairs.


There are various useful tools and accessories that accompany Shark NV100. These tools have been specifically designed to provide specialized kind of cleaning services. For instance, we have a pet tool which, as the name suggests, aims at cleaning all the pet hair and fur from your carpets, rugs, floors, and couches. Other important tools include the upholstery tool, lifetime belt, crevice tools for cleaning in narrow spaces, and washable filters. The washable filters suck the dust and dirt down to the minutest details and make sure that dust does not escape into the air. Propelling of the brush across the floors makes maneuverability very easy. Finally, there is also a wand that you can attach in front of the machine to do the cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and particularly over the stairs without climbing them. There is an onboard storage where you can store your accessories to keep them handy.


Based on user experiences and feedback, Shark NV100 seems to be a perfect choice for bare floors. However, it might not be the best vacuum around when it comes to carpet vacuuming, particularly if your carpet is fluffy. On such carpets, it does provide reliable cleaning but takes more time compared to other vacuum cleaners. The overall suction level of the vacuum has been found to be very powerful and good thing is that it also suppresses noise. So if you are planning to purchase a vacuum cleaner specifically to clean the bare floors, this can be a perfect choice for you.

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