Shark NV355 Review

Shark NV355
Shark NV355

Vacuum cleaners manufactured by Shark are mainly aimed at home users. Due to this reason, ease of operation and reliable performance are especially taken into consideration during the manufacturing process. Available at a very reasonable price, Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV355 is a very lightweight and easy to use vacuum cleaner.

Why Use Shark NV355?

Obviously for home users the most important factors are compactness and a reliable performance and on these counts, Shark NV355 seems to work perfectly. The intensive carpet cleaning that this vacuum cleaner provides sucks the dust and dirt at the minutest scale, giving your carpet or floor a new and elegant look. Besides, sucked dust is completely trapped in the filter and particulars do not escape in the air, thus eliminating any dangers of dust allergies. Noise levels are also suppressed thus making the entire cleaning operation a hassle free job.

Easy Portability:

This is another important consideration for a home user. Due to this reason, Shark NV355 has been designed such that the vacuum canister on the machine can be detached from the rest of the body. With detached vacuum canister, portability and mobility of the machine significantly enhances. Thus you can convert your upright machine into a reliable hand vacuum to perform cleaning on curtains and over the cushions. Being lightweight, you can easily maneuver and swivel the machine as required. This easy portability is a great feature for users who perform the vacuuming in small rooms and need to take frequent turns.

Components of Shark NV355:

Various useful components accompany Shark NV355 to enhance the ease and efficiency of the vacuuming operation. For instance, there is a professional dusting tool included with the machine which aims at providing better cleaning operation on bare floors. Then we also have a micro-filter pad that can be separated from the machine, washed, and made ready for further use.

Other than these components, there are certain tools reserved for specialized cleaning. For instance, there is a pet tool which you use to suck the pet hair from couch or carpet. Flexibility and efficiency of the cleaning operation is increased because of these tools and the detachable components of the machine.


– Great suction power on par with best vacuum cleaners in the market.

– Low noise levels during the cleaning process.

– Easy maneuverability and flexible operation due to compact design and additional components.

– Detachable filter which can be washed for future use.


– The presence of on-off switch on the machine instead of handle makes it a bit inconvenient. Every time you need to turn the machine on or off, you have to reach down to the machine.

– Manually wired cord is very long which can be a problem if you are supposed to perform the cleaning in large areas.


There are various features that make Shark NV355 an idea vacuum clear for home users. It has all the proper cleaning tools that you can ask for and besides, operating the machine is very easy even for someone who is using the machine for the first time. All the remarkable features of this machine, coupled with the fact that it is available at a very reasonable price, make this machine a must have for home users.

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