Hoover U6485900 Review

Hoover U6485900Hoover is one of the foremost manufacturers of manufacture of bagged and bag-less vacuum cleaners. Besides, the company has also consistently manufactured some of the best vacuum cleaners from all categories and classes. Whether you want an entry level vacuum cleaner or are looking for an advanced machine with cutting-edge technology, Hoover machines can satisfy you. Hoover U6485900 is among the moderately priced vacuum cleaners from the company and strikes a great balance between price and quality.

Important Aspects of Hoover U6485900:

Keeping in line with other Hoover vacuum cleaners in the market, Hoover U6485900 is also equipped with the patented Wind-tunnel technology. This technology gives better suction power to the vacuum cleaner which obviously results in increased overall efficiency. With this technology, multiple suction channels are created in the machine making sure that the kind of embedded dirt that is hard to remove by ordinary vacuum cleaners is reliably trapped. Besides, there is also special Dirt-Finder system on which is triggered by the Wind-tunnel tech. This system mainly aims at cleaning the dirt embedded deep in the carpet strands and other places.

Another feature similar with other Hoover vacuum cleaners is the presence of HEPA media filters on the machine. These filters are by far the best in the market and are recommended by specialists for all people, particularly for people who are prone to dust allergies. This is because HEPA filters make sure that dust and debris is captured up to the level of 99.97 % which is the best that has been achieved on vacuum cleaners as yet. Besides, these filters also make sure that no dust is escaped into the air, thus removing any danger of getting dust allergies.

The height of the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted into three positions appropriate for different floor heights. Besides, the machine can also be switched to different floor settings designed to act efficiency on all types of floors without any interruption of the operation.

Self-propelling ability of the machine facilitates enhanced mobility and easy maneuverability. Whether the machine is moved in the forward direction or backward, the movements are as smooth as wind.


– Trademark Hoover technologies in action.

– Dust bags can be cleaned whenever required and then replaced.

– Choice to use accessories and tools with the machine. These accessories and tools include the pet tool for pet hair removal, upholstery tool for cleaning the stairs, crevice tools for vacuuming in narrow spaces and a hose.

– Height can be adjusted in consideration with the floor type.

– 3 year limited manufacturer warranty.


Noise of the machine was complained about that it produces more noise than other vacuum cleaners. However, this particular condition is observed when the dust bags in the machine are filled to capacity and the vacuuming is continued. A proper way to avoid extra noise is to make sure that whenever dust bags are full, they are cleaned before further operation.


Obviously, with a reasonable price, wide range of useful feature and 3 year limited warranty, this machine can be a wonder for home users. Given its high-tech capabilities and range of operation, it certainly can be included among the best vacuum cleaners in the entry level category.

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