Sebo 9703AM Review

Sebo 9703AMThe Sebo 9703AM vacuum cleaner has revolutionized house cleaning given its ability to produce spectacular results when used in cleaning carpets, furniture, pets, and upholstery. You can thus be sure of keeping dust away hence minimizing allergic reactions for those who are allergic to different levels of dirt. If you want a vacuum cleaner that can give you a smooth time when cleaning the house, this is the cleaner for you. It has a variety of important features each of which has unique benefits that would make you proud to own the device.


The cleaner has a metallic hose or chain as opposed to many other cleaners in its category that have rubber belts hence guaranteeing the durability of this component, which often gets damaged due to constant use. You would therefore not need to keep on replacing this part whenever it breaks.

Ease of use

The Sebo 9703AM has a height adjustment feature that allows you to increase or decrease the height of this appliance whenever operating, which means you do not need to strain a lot when cleaning. This component is manually operated hence you can set it to whichever height you feel most comfortable.

Advanced filtration mechanism

The appliance is fitted with S-CLASS filtration system that functions in 3 levels for fighting allergens effectively. You will thus be able to trap at 99% of all allergens and germs that have been trapped within the bag, which makes it ideal for places with people who have allergies related with dust or dirt.

Not Noisy

This vacuum cleaner is always silent when doing cleaning work. You therefore do not experience deafening noise while cleaning if you have such an appliance.


You also do not have to worry about being injured when using such an appliance since it has numerous safety features that minimize injuries. For instance, the cleaning brushes are very easy to clean ensuring you are not injured while cleaning the brush.

The cleaner also has an advanced performance detection mechanism that can notify you whenever a fault is detected. This enables early response on your side thus ensuring you do not continue using the machine when it is faulty. For instance, it has a thermo cut-out system for protecting internal components from excessive heating.

Just like any appliance, the Sebo 9703AM Electronic Upright Vacuum Cleaner has some elements that are not quite attractive to many users.

• It is considerably large making it difficult to maneuver and store especially if you have less storage space. It is also quite heavy, 21lbs; hence, you may need someone else to help if moving it over long distances.

• Its hose is quite short, six inches, making it hard for it to clean far away from the power source and areas that are hard to reach.

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