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Shark Navigator NV402

Shark Navigator NV402

Shark Navigator NV402 is one of the most compact, lightweight and durable vacuum cleaners in the market. Its compactness and lightweight structure makes is highly efficient for vacuuming operations around hard surfaces without any loss of suction. The net weight of Shark NV402 is 16 pounds and its physical dimensions are 45.5 x 12 x 12.2 inches. The material of the machine is made of durable ABS and PP plastics.


Shark Navigator NV402 features Enhanced Swivel Steering which allows maneuvering the vacuum into corners and along touch base board areas. The machine has the ability of filtering 99.9% of dust and allergens making use of the special sealed HEPA filter housing. The No Suction Loss technology of Shark NV402 makes sure that the loss of suction is eliminated while moving from surface to surface.

Design and Accessories:

Shark NV402 comes with extra long stretch hose which facilitates vacuuming in areas which are difficult to reach. The professional rotator of the machine, coupled with HEPA Filtration System, makes sure that embedded dust and dirt is efficiently trapped. The dust cup of the cleaner provides 2.5 dry quarts of real usable capacity which is more than enough for continuous long use. The extendable crevice tool of Shark NV402 is specially designed for vacuuming in and around the crevices and narrow spaces. Assembling different parts together does not take more than a few minutes.

Versatility of Use:

Shark Navigator NV402 can smoothly navigate over any floor surface, stairs and hard to reach areas with convenience. Vacuuming the stairs is particularly easy because of the lightweight structure of the machine. The small footprint of the brush head can move into narrow spaces without any need of removing objects. The machine rolls noiselessly on carpets, tiles of any other floor kinds.


Absence of dust bag eliminates the need of cleaning and replacing the bags. The dust cup can be washed and cleaned without any problem. Efficient design reduces the possibility of dirt clogging, thus making sure that vacuuming is done without stopping and removing the clogged dirt. Brushes can be removed when not required for lasting performance.


– Enhanced Swivel Steering to maneuver into corners.

– Less noise and powerful suction compared to many other vacuum cleaners.

– Compact design to easily fit the machine into closets.

– No suction loss while moving from surface to surface.

– No maintenance problems in the absence of bags and filters.

– Five year manufacturer warranty.


– Unlike many other vacuum cleaners, the dirt in Shark NV402 is removed from the bottom. This should be kept in mind otherwise you might mistakenly dump the dust on the floor.

– The head of the vacuum is not as wide as most other vacuums. For some users, this made adjusting the components a bit difficult.


For people who are looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can perform a quick cleaning operation, Shark Navigator NV402 is certainly a more than reasonable choice. Users are provided with various tools to go along with specific requirements. With suppressed noise, powerful suction, reasonable price and five year manufacturer warranty, Shark NV402 is among the top choices of the users.

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Shark Navigator NV80

Shark Navigator NV80

Shark vacuum cleaners are among the most popular and highly demanded vacuum cleaners in the market. Over the years, the market of these vacuum cleaners has been consolidated with a wide and satisfied user base. Shark Navigator NV80 is among the most reasonably priced premium products from the manufacturer, showcasing a wide range of useful features and also bearing a five year manufacturer warranty.

Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology:

Like most other advanced vacuum cleaners from shark, Shark NV80 is also equipped with the cutting edge Anti-allergen Complete Seal Technology. Vacuum cleaners with this technology made sure that no part of the trapped dust is released in the air, thus guaranteeing that dust allergies are kept at a bay. With this technology in operation, 99.99% of all allergens and dust particles are efficiently trapped by the sealed containment system of the vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Filtration and No Suction Loss:

The HEPA filtration means that along with the vacuuming, the machine also makes sure that the surrounding air remains clean. The sealed HEPA filter of Shark Navigator NV80 very effectively fulfills this purpose. Because of “No Suction Loss” technology, the vacuum pivots and moves smoothly without its head leaving the surface of the floor. The machine also turns and swivels easily to make sure that vacuuming is done under tables and around the furniture with ease.

Tools and Accessories:

Shark Navigator NV80 includes various useful tools and accessories which can be used in specific kind of cleaning. For instance, the efficient pet attachment tool makes sure that fur and hair of pets are efficiently sucked from carpets, rugs, cushions and any bare floor surface. Other than that, the crevice tool has been designed to make sure that smooth vacuuming is performed is corners and crevices. There are also rubber-wheels for the machine to roll is around on the floor effortlessly. Finally, the long extension cord can be used to do the vacuuming in all rooms without unplugging the switch.


– Powerful suction and cleaning of the surrounding air.

– Separate “on” options for “brush” and “suction only” modes.

– Suction is adjustable which means you can choose to increase or decrease the intensity of suction.

– Swivel head to facilitate vacuuming under and around the furniture.


– Some people have had problems with the bare floor setting of the device. It, however, works perfectly well on bare floors when the setting is changed to the “brusher on” mode.

– When several tools are attached with the device, the top can become heavy and might even tip over sometimes.


Shark Navigator NV80 offers whatever tools and features are necessary for efficient and reliable vacuum cleaning. Besides, its compact and lightweight design is an additional advantage because it’s always easy to move around with a vacuum cleaner that has lighter body. With a net weight of just 18.6 pounds, Shark NV80 is among the most lightweight vacuum cleaners in the market. Superior cleaning and powerful suction, coupled with the fact that it comes with a five year manufacturer warranty, certainly make this machine worth your money.




Shark Navigator SV1100

Shark Navigator SV1100

Shark Navigator Freestyle Premium Cordless Vac, generally known as Shark Navigator SV1100, is one of the most remarkable products in the long line of cost-effective and high performance vacuum cleaners from Shark. Superior built, powerful suction and upright performance are the fundamental features of this moderately priced machine. With physical dimensions of 24 x 10.2 x 9.5 inches and net weight of just 11 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight vacuum cleaners in the market.

Blend of Performance and Convenience:

Shark Navigator SV1100 provides a perfect balance and blend of performance and convenience. Superior cleaning of bare and carpeted floors is afforded with Shark® NavigatorTM Freestyle technology. It has an extended run time which means that vacuuming operation can be performed over long stretches of time without any interruption. Ultra-maneuverability and lightweight structure of Shark SV1100 make sure that the cleaning operation is completely free of any weariness for the users. The dust-cup is easy to empty and can be rinsed and cleaned for long-lasting use. These qualities of Shark SV1100 have made it strike a balance between powerful performance and convenience.

Efficiency of Use:

Shark SV1100 is equipped with a powerful motorized brush that sucks and traps the embedded dirt particles and pet hair meticulously. Swivel steering of the machine provides for deep recline angle and low profile approach to reach under the furniture without removing it. Two separate speed options are available to the users for vacuuming over bare carpeted floors.

Precision Charger:

One of the most important accessories on Shark Navigator SV1100 is the precision charger that has been designed to make the machine power-efficient. With this precision charger, the machine charges within 3 hours and can last for long stretch of multiple uses. The charging base of the machine provides for convenient storage and the vacuum remains charged for next cleaning.

Cordless Vacuuming:

Shark Navigator SV1100 is a cordless vacuum which is a blessing for users who are annoyed with constantly plugging and dealing with the cords. With a cordless machine, you can simply lift it to any room and start the operation without plugging the chord. Long lasting battery makes sure that you enjoy this cordless nature of the machine to its fullest.


– Swivel steering for easy maneuver.

– Two speeds settings optimized for carpet & bare floor.

– Extra-large, easy-to-empty dust cup.

– Efficient charging and extended run time.

– Cordless and hassle-free operation.

– Switching from one floor type to other is smooth.


– The placement of the power button is a bit awkward which can result in you mistakenly turning it off. But this inconvenience is eliminated after you use the machine for a few times.

– There is no separate attachment to be used in nooks and crannies.


Shark Navigator SV1100 can boast of several unique features such as cordless operation and long-lasting battery life. Besides, it is also very lightweight which means that you can simply pick it up and take it anywhere. Cordless nature of the machine certainly makes it highly attractive for people who are weary of dealing with cords. While there might be some minor limitations such as the absence of attachments for nooks and corners, this slight problem does not seem bothersome when we consider the advantages of Shark Navigator SV1100.


Shark Nv22lwm

Shark Nv22lwm

In today’s world of cutting edge technology, consumers only accept those products that offer advanced features and efficient performance. Shark vacuum cleaners have always passed the test of consumer satisfaction. Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum, simply known as Shark Nv22lwm, is one of the latest high performance offerings from the company. This bag-less and lightweight product offers impressive suction over all kinds of floors. Number of different attachments and tools further enhance the performance of the machine.

Distinguishing Features:

1. Infinity Technology: Shark Nv22lwm features special Infinity Technology that has been designed to make sure that unwanted dust and debris is removed to the minutest details. With this technology in operation, guaranteed removal of the 99% of dirt is achieved.

2. Lifetime Filters: Shark Nv22lwm uses highly durable “Lifetime Filters” which can last longer than anyone would expect. These filters can also continuously carry on the cleaning operation and require rinsing only twice a year. This means that you won’t even need to have extra filters.

3. Multi-Motor Operation: Two motors integrated into the machine have been designed for efficient operation over carpets and bare floors. The brush-roll can be shut off when not required.

Accessories and Tools:

Just like most other vacuum cleaners from shark, Shark Nv22lwm also accompanies various useful accessories and tools that can be used for a variety of cleaning operations.

1. The super-stretch hose with quick-release wand makes sure that vacuuming is not interrupted with any need of unplugging the switch and re-plugging it in the other room. Instead, you can carry on the operation from room to room without any interruption.

2. Tools designed for grabbing pet hair include Navigator Power Nozzle and Turbo Power Brush. Suction power and efficiency of the machine is significantly increased with these tools in place.

3. Smooth glide wheels of the vacuum make sure that it can move to and fro without any effort and noise.


– Small head size allowing efficient vacuuming in tight spaces especially under the furniture.

– Lightweight structure making mobility over the stairs easy.

– Durable filters which only require rinsing twice a year.


– The lightweight structure of the machine proved to be a bit problematic for some users, particularly after the attachment of tools. The attachment of tools can result in tipping over of the machine if not properly balanced.

– The dust-cup of the machine, which gathers dust and debris, is relatively smaller which requires frequently cleaning.

– Absence of HEPA filter on the machine also proved to be a problem for some user.

Final Verdict:

A clear problem with Shark Nv22lwm seems to be the absence of HEPA filter which can be quite problematic for some users, particularly those who are sensitive to dust allergies. Other than this problem, there does not seem to be any major flaw in this vacuum cleaner. It has a lightweight structure which provides easy mobility, it has powerful suction and works equally effectively on carpeted and bare floors, it comes with all sorts of useful accessories and tools, and finally it also bears a five year manufacturer warranty. It might not be recommended for a person prone to dust allergies but other than that, it can perform the vacuuming operation quite efficiently.


Shark MV3010

Shark MV3010

Euro-pro is known for making some of the finest consumer products in the market and the Shark line of floor cleaners is no exception to the rule. Built to last, Shark MV3010 offers versatility of usage, dependability and cost effectiveness go. This Shark MV3010 review will attempt to highlight the strengths as well as the shortcomings of the machine so that you can decide if the machine is good for you.

Anti-Allergen Technology – Boon for Allergy Sufferers

Not long ago, Euro Pro found that there were few floor cleaning devices in the market which took into account the plight of people suffering from dust allergies. Vacuum cleaners have a nasty habit of releasing dust into the atmosphere which can ignite allergic reactions within people who are sensitive to it. Many also have poorly designed containment systems which “leak” dust into the room. It thus introduced the Shark vacuum cleaners which offer anti-allergen sealed technology which locks up 99.99% of all allergens. At the core of this design is a containment system which is completely sealed. Being a standard feature in all Shark vacuum cleaners, the anti-allergen design is available in the Shark MV3010 as well.

Professional 2 in 1 Cleaning – Clean n’ Mop with the Same Machine

Besides ensuring that you don’t sneeze yourself silly, the Shark MV3010 also offers a revolutionary new 2 in 1 design which allows you to switch between vacuum cleaner and steam mop. The machine has an interchangeable head with which you can transform the MV3010 from a cleaner to a mop and use the Shark’s chemical free steam to mop them floors clean like they were about to be inspected!

Light Weight Design, Enhanced Swivel Steering and Longer Reach

The Shark MV3010 offers extra long reach to reach places most cleaners cannot reach, which when combined with its enhanced swivel steering can allow for some very thorough cleaning. The machine also weighs no more than 10 pounds which is very light compared to equivalent designs in the market.

Right, so we have counted all that is good about the MV3010, the machine however is not without faults. For instance, the MV3010 has a smaller dust canister than vacuum cleaners of similar sizes. This has led some customers to complain that they need to clean it more frequently. However quite honestly this is a small price to pay for the raw functionality that it offers. Another opinion which was voiced by some customers was that the machine when used as a mop left a discernible “streak” on the floor. This is usually because of soap left over from previous mop and can be rectified by mopping the same place twice with the Shark.


Most firsthand reviews of the Shark MV3010 are positive with people giving it their highest commendations.