Shark SV1106 Review

Shark SV1106
Shark SV1106

The SharkSV1106 is an outstanding upright vacuum that comes in a brilliant silver finish and boasts nearly unanimous positive customer reviews.

If you’re a young person just moving into an apartment for the first time, this is the vacuum for you. It’s beautiful. The minimalist appeal belies a feature-rich contraption. It comes in two speeds, and it’s cordless, so you can take it where you need to.

It’s excellent for wood or carpeted floors. Use the Shark SV1106 in the kitchen, in the living room, and on that Persian rug your annoying little pooch keeps shedding his hair on. Additionally, it charges in under four hours.

This stick vacuum was made for pet owners, in fact. It has an excellent animal hair pickup ability, along with an extended run time feature.The machine alsofeatures one of the most efficient dust cups its class.

The Shark SV1106 will help you get every bit of dust and dirt from every crevice, crack and corner. If you have a big home, this machine packs a punch. The useful deep recline angle allows you to get under furniture and other hard to reach areas.

It’s a great vacuum, overall, where you’re a kid who just moved into his apartment and doesn’t know how to clean it or an obsessive clean freak with a big home and spring cleaning agenda.



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